At the area of Livadi, 10 km south of Chora, stands the Sanctuary of Iria, dedicated to the God of abundance and cheerfulness, Dionysus. The importance of this historic site is confirmed by the exceptional significance of these findings.

Apart from that, a number of votive offerings to God Dionysus, indicate the importance given by the residents of Naxos since ancient times, both in divinity and in abundance and fruitfulness that gave them the nature and the earth of Naxos. The temple is built in the 6th century BC and is the cradle of the Ionic style with huge significance, which is confirmed by the great discussions in the international literature.

The center of the cult of Dionysus was a temple structure, with buildings in successive layers in the same position and with the same orientation. Generally, the Sanctuary of Iria, attests the role of Naxos in the global architectural history while it also provides an image of uninterrupted cultural continuity in the heart of the Aegean.

The restoration of the temple is completed and is now again open to the public. Access is easier for visitors from the village Glinado.